Why XRewards

XRewards is a subscription based SAAS Loyalty platform with a digital rewards marketplace.

We help subscription-based businesses in rewarding their subscribers by giving them points and allowing them to redeem those points for exciting digital rewards.

We made it simple; any service can connect to XRewards, the whole integration is One API call! yes you read it right, One API call.

XRewards Added Values:

  • Customer Acquistion:
  • 69 % of customers say that loyalty programs influence their choice of providers. 
  • In other words, have an edge over your competitors and offer loyalty

  • Retaining Subscribers:
  • 84 % of customers say they’re more likely to stick with a brand / service that offers a loyalty program! so offer them one
  • Customer Engagement & Experience:
  • By offering an engaging loyalty program, XRewards helps in increasing the CLV which in turn ensures repeat purchases for a prolonged period of time. 
  • we made all this very simple! zero complications, One Click login

XRewards Marketplace:
A digital rewards catalog to cater for different markets and different categories. It includes vouchers, offers, experiences and mobile top
ups for all over the world.

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